Glencoe High School Lacrosse

Sponsored By:   Bernards & O'Rourke, P.C.

Glencoe Daily Wall Ball Workout

25 repetitions with each hand. Takes ~20 minutes to complete 400+ reps. Start with weak hand first, then switch to strong hand for each. Have multiple balls with you so if you drop a pass you don’t have to chase the ball. Every pass should be thrown as hard as you can. Teach yourself: if you can do it with your dominate hand, try to mimic the body motion with your weaker hand. It should look identical with left and right. Complete 3+ times a week.
  1. One Handstand sideways, throw across your face, snap your wrist, catch one handed
  2. Two Handstand sideways, throw and catch across your face, give on the catch to reset stick     and ball next to your ear. Only one cradle
  3. Quick Stick Stand sideways and closer to the wall, catch and throw in front your face. No cradles. Aim for the same spot on the wall.
  4. Side Arm – Extend arms and snap wrists, aim for same spot on the wall
  5. Walk the Wall – Two hands, move parallel to the wall, throwing passes at the same height on the wall and you move.
  6. Face Dodge – stand sideways to the wall. Rotate to bring your stick across your face to opposite side of body,  step forward with back foot, slide bottom hand towards the top and make pass.
  7. Canadian – Stand facing wall, throw the ball from the opposite side cross handed, catch the ball however feels comfortable
  8. Roll Dodge – stand sideways, roll back to space, try to use a wall where you can catch after one bounce, aim for the same spot. Additional: throw on the move, no more than a few steps.
Dodging – Switch hands before every throw, Be creative: use split, face, roll, rocker, stutter-step, hitch n go, finalizer, swim, question mark, between the legs, behind the back, anything you want. Aim at the same spot on wall.