Glencoe High School Lacrosse

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New Concussion Requirements

With Oregon's new law SB 721 (a.k.a. Jenna's Law), not only are Coaches and Officials required to be aware of concussion symptoms and procedures, but parents and players too.  The OHSLA requires that the following documents from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) be read by both parents and players: Teams must then obtain signed acknowledgements from both parents and players confirming that they have received and read this concussion awareness information from the team.  This form needs to signed annually, by both participating players and at least one parent or guardian.  A copy of the signed Acknowledgement Form must be with the team at all times (including sidelines at a game) as the state may perform random audits.  For a PDF of this form can be obtained right clicking the following link: OHSLA Concussion Awareness Acknowledgement Form

Click here for the text of the law or read this article for more information about was predicated it's enactment.  In an effort to give parents, players, coaches, officials the best information possible the OHSLA aslo has a dedicated section for concussion information on the Injury Prevention page